History and Genealogy

.The Mount Enon Cemetery: A Pioneer Cemetery in Dale County, Alabama First Called Beverett Graveyard | Jacob Randolph Snell and Marvis R. Snell
The story of a rural southeastern Alabama community, documenting individual lives and changing times through family photos, oral histories and historical and genealogical research spanning 170 years.

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.The Gillette Cemetery: A Pioneer Cemetery in the Gillette Community, Manatee County, Florida | Marvis R. Snell and Jacob Randolph Snell
Life in a small Tampa Bay community, from settler times to the 21st century, told through the lives of 945 people buried in its historic cemetery in the Gillette community of Manatee County.
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.Testimony to Pioneer Baptists: The History and Development of the Gillette First Baptist Church | Marvis R. Snell
From circuit-riding preachers of the 1850s until the book's first publication in 1974, the story of the oldest Baptist Church on Florida's southwest coast and the community it serves.


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