About the Authors

Marvis Reeder Snell is a descendent of families that moved into Florida in the early 1800s. In the 1960s, she began investigating early pioneer settlement in southwest Florida. Her first book, Testimony to Pioneer Baptists, traced the work of circuit-riding preachers and the eventual establishment of the Benevolence Baptist Church, known today as Gillette First Baptist Church. Marvis and her husband, Jacob Randolph Snell, later wrote The Gillette Cemetery, which combines narrative history with biographical and genealogical information on individuals buried in this historic pioneer community where she was raised.

They took the same approach in The Mount Enon Cemetery, which recounts the settlement and subsequent history of a small community in Dale County, Alabama, where Randolph grew up. The book combines rigorous genealogical research with stories and memories passed down through the years, recounted by current residents and descendents of the pioneer families. 

Both graduated from Alabama Polytechnic Institute (Auburn University), where they met. Randolph's studies were temporarily interrupted by World War II, in which he was wounded. Both worked in the family farming operations begun by Marvis' parents, and have been active in church and civic affairs. In recent years they have devoted much time to historical research, inspired by their own family stories and a desire to preserve history that would otherwise be lost.

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