Mount Enon Cemetery:
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The Mount Enon Cemetery book includes biographical information on the individuals listed below. Click on the underlined names to see a photo.

A, B
Balkcom, Andrianna Deal
Balkcom, Benjamin Middleton
Balkcom, Carson

Balkcom, Ivey Middleton
Balkcom, Ora
Balkcom, Ruth Woodham
Baxley, Gayron Phillips
Baxley, James Paul
Beverett, Ada
Beverett, Bevy
Beverett, Charlie Webster
Beverett, Delila
Beverett, Donald Silas
Beverett, Henry
Beverett, Ina Mae Preston
Beverett, Jacob
Beverett, J. S.
Beverett, Jessie Alexander
Beverett, John
Beverett, John Alexander
Beverett, Joseph
Beverett, Josephine
Beverett, Lula
Beverett, Martha
Beverett, Mary Sue
Beverett, Minnie Lou Woodham
Beverett, Nancy Jane
Beverett, Ronald Paul
Beverett, Sarah Jane
Beverett, Talmage Spurgeon
Beverett, Tempie Candice Kirkland
Beverett, Wesley Solomon
Brimlow, ____
Brimlow, C. O.
Brown, Betty Sue Yarbrough
Brown, Herbert Jesse
Brown, Matilda Susan

C, D, E, F, G, H, I,
Carr, Ann Smith
Cherry, Alexander
Cherry, Verna Phillips

Childree, Mary Ann Sophronia Eldridge
Clearmon, W.L. "Bill"
Beatrice Johnson
Eldridge, Cathy
Eldridge, Eligh Benjamin, Sr.
Eldridge, Eligh Benjamin, Jr.
Eldridge, Epsie Kirkland
Eldridge, Eunice Holmes
Eldridge, Gaynell Walding
Eldridge, Irby
Eldridge, Jane
Eldridge, Lennie
Eldridge, Leon D.
Eldridge, Nallie May
Eldridge, Sara Nell Bludsworth
Eldridge, Willie L.
Foreman, George Washington
Foreman, James Wiley
Givens, David Woodrow
Givens, Sallie Jane Eldridge
Hall, Foy Manuel
Hall, Grady Melvin
Hall, Ilene Newton
Hall, Johnnie M.
Hall, Lorena Lewis
Hall, Nannie Bostick
Hall, Raymond Durwood
Harris, Raymond
Holmes, Terry Allen

J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R
Johnson, ____
Johnston, Clara M.
Kelly, Beatrice Lewis
Kelly, William Tally
Kirkland, Ella Rado Phillips
Levy, infant daughter
McDuffie, Imagene Smith
McGill, Gastin
Outlaw, Julia Ione Melson
Outlaw, Lena Idell Benefield
Outlaw, Lowell Lamar
Outlaw, Nathan E.
Phillips, Bunie Beverett
Phillips, Frances Matilda Foreman
Phillips, infant daughter
Phillips, infant daughter
Phillips, James Pharoah
Phillips, John Benjamin Shepard
Phillips, Matilda Leila
Preston, Elizabeth Johnson
Preston, Baby
Preston, Etta Lee Harrell
Preston, James Durwood
Preston, Joseph Wirt
Preston, Josephine Beverett
Preston, Leonidas
Preston, Lummie Mae Walding
Preston, Marjorie Chancey
Preston, Irving Rex
Preston, William Irving

S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z
Sewell, Doxie Woodruff Balkcom
Smith, Coley Isaac
Smith, Flora Virginia Preston
Smith, James Bernard
Smith, Leona Snell
Smith, Rosie Lee Eldridge
Smith, Thomas Wyatt
Snell, Elias "lias"
Snell, Exie Bagwell
Snell, Lewie Aaron
Snell, Mary Jane Reeves
Snell, Phillip Bagwell
Stevens, Ruby Inez Eldridge
Stevens, Luther Jackson
Taylor, ____
Taylor, J. N.
Turner, Loucindy
Tyler, Martha “Mattie” Yarbrough
Walding, Billie Drue
Walding, Virginia Beverett
Walding, O. C.
Walding, William Bert
Webb, Doc
Woodham, Bartow Edward
Woodham, Eva Preston
Woodham, Lynn
Yarbrough, Bennie Frank
Yarbrough, Earl
Yarbrough, Eva Leatha Phillips
Yarbrough, Flossie
Yarbrough, Henry Harden
Yarbrough, infant daughter
Yarbrough, John Hubbard
Yarbrough, John William
Yarbrough, Lily Ann
Yarbrough, Merlene Hall
Yarbrough, Oscar Wiley
Yarbrough, R. A.
Yarbrough, Susan Ann Wiley
Yarbrough, Theron

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