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The Mount Enon Cemetery: A Pioneer Cemetery in Dale County, Alabama First Called Beverett Graveyard

Jacob Randolph Snell and Marvis R. Snell

This 217-page hardcover book, with 148 pictures and illustrations, tells the story of the rural Mount Enon Community through 170 years of history. The authors researched the lives of everyone known to be buried in the historic cemetery, revealing stories of early migration into southeastern Alabama and daily life in the rural community over subsequent decades. Historical and family photos and detailed illustrations document history and a way of life that has since passed in the rural South.

Individual profiles are included for every individual buried in Mount Enon, along with a detailed history of the community and its families. A separate reference section, designed to assist genealogical research, lists all individuals by name, birth year and death year.

The Mount Enon Cemetery began as the Beverett Graveyard; Jacob Beverett, a Revolutionary War soldier and pioneer ancestor of the local Beverett family, moved to the area before 1840. He lived well over 100 years. The Beveretts made other families welcome to use the cemetery, and the cemetery is now under the care of the Mount Enon Baptist Church. 

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